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Tec-Kool Universal Green Concentrate

TEC-KOOL Universal Green for cars, light duty & heavy duty  trucks* - Conventional Antifreeze/Coolant is used for automotive, light duty and basic heavy-duty service. It contains a non-silicate, phosphate free, inhibitor package that provides excellent all metal protection, and it meets the heavy-duty requirements of the trucking industry (less than 0.0125% wt. Silicon). A proprietary silicate-free corrosion inhibition system protects aluminum better than silicate without the problems of silica gel formation or silicate cloudiness. This formulation meets the requirements specified by ASTM D4985 for heavy duty applications, with the addition of a supplemental coolant additive (SCA), and ASTM D3306 for automotive and light duty applications.

In addition, TEC-KOOL Universal Green for cars & light duty trucks - Conventional Antifreeze/Coolant contains an advanced inhibitor system that provides a wide range of inhibitors which protect all cooling system metals. Together with the glycol base, these inhibitors plus other additives, give year-round protection against freeze-ups, boil-overs and engine cooling system corrosion. This antifreeze/coolant also includes ingredients to disperse minor oil leakage, prevent fouling, control hot surface scaling and it will not damage auto finishes or rubber parts.