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Do I need Dex-Cool?

What's the difference between Dex-Cool and regular Antifreeze?

Are you looking to top off your car with antifreeze before the winter? This is always a good idea, but if you are doing it yourself you may be wondering which antifreeze is right for your car and what’s the difference between Dex-Cool and regular antifreeze? We will answer all these questions and more!

Do I need a particular type of coolant?.

For a couple decades now, GM has used a type of coolant known as Dex-Cool. Despite not being called antifreeze, it still accomplishes the same task, so you don’t have to worry about replacing Dex-Cool for the winter months or anything like that. The main way to tell the difference between Dex-Cool and regular antifreeze is that Dex-Cool is typically orange.

As always we highly recommend checking your owners manual to find the antifreeze/coolant that's best for your vehicle. If your vehicle does require Dex-Cool, click here to get some more information on our Tec-Kool Defense products for vehicles requiring Dex-Cool.

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